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Cyberpunk Masks

In the sprawl, or whatever currently passes for the sprawl, there is any number of airborne dangers; from thick clouds of smog to tear gas grenades. In order to protect against them, the modern-day cyberpunk has to rely on their trusty gas mask.

Cyberpunk Masks

Cyberpunk Gas masks are increasingly becoming standard urban gear, especially in China, where pollution is at dangerous levels. Last year, in protest of rising smog levels, Students at Peking University in Beijing put face masks on the statues.So what gas mask should you use? Well, that depends on what you need.The most effective form of the gas mask is the “Self Contained Breathing Apparatus,” or SCBA. This is what firefighters use, it protects the user by only breathing air from an external tank.

Futuristic Mask

So no matter what toxic chemical gets in the air, you won’t have to breathe it. Of course, there is a downside to the SCBA gas mask, and that is that the mask has limited endurance and requires you to lug a heavy oxygen tank around in order to use it. Once your tank is empty, you’re unprotected.

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