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Steampunk Masks

Elegance is had or not, it all depends on whether you wear one of these Steampunk masks, but watch who you greet with her because someone can get scared. Whether it is for a party or to take it down the street you will find it here, especially for its originality but also for its attractive price.

Gas mask, bird or cat? We have them all

At first, you may not see sense to hide your face. But the truth is that the use of a mask in the Steampunk genre is something that helps give a lot of character and originality to your dress or costume, leaving aside the classic use of bronze steampunk goggles.These masks can be of all kinds. There are some that are designed only as a protection to create an air of mystery in you, or a striking copper mask to give life to your character, although it does not have any specific function.

Your Steampunk masks shop

As we have already told you, in this culture, the mask does not have to be related to your suit. For example, you can wear a golden mask that simulates the face of a bird (like the one doctors used to use) just to create some mystery around you.Now, if you are a person who wants to give them genius and intelligent with their clothing, then you should get a steampunk aesthetic mask that looks like it has a lot of bronze decoration. Or, something flashy and extravagant like a retro-style gas mask, so it looks like you're sick and it's the only way you can breathe. All without forgetting ergonomics and comfort so that it adapts well to your face, that in our online store we have it very present.The part of the face you want to show is already up to you. You can leave one eye exposed and the others have it covered by a monocle, cover the entire face, half face (such as The Phantom of the Opera) or wear a mask like a normal mask. The material will already depend on what you are willing to spend. Although in Steampunker we encourage you to exploit your potential and think about becoming one of your own design. And all at the cheapest price.

The most extensive and cheapest mask catalog in Lord Steampunk

You have a unique opportunity to buy a cheap high-quality Steampunk style metallic mask thanks to Steampunker. No, we are not trying to sell you the motorcycle. We have the catalog with the greatest variety of offers at the best prices with the most extravagant designs you can imagine!Take a look, because you may find everything that we have here in the catalog that you will find with your suit. And if not, then nothing happens! You can also use it because it will look great!

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